Important data on COVID-19 profile in Africa (AIDCO)





About Us.

The key research question of the AIDCO project is: Is COVID-19 different in Africa and if so, why?
We aim to address this by using uniform tools and methods to gather data and samples from West, Middle and East Africa:  Senegal, Gabon and Ethiopian. The participating centres  are in EDCTP networks of excellence, have the capacity to perform the qPCR test for COVID-19, clinical studies, act as training centre, and biobank.



Our Objectives


Determine the clinical outcome of COVID-19 infection in distinct African sites


Determine the pattern of infection in households of confirmed cases


Chart factors associated with COVID-19 infection and disease progression


Scale-up capacity for case and household contact studies


Our Sponsor

The EDCTP “Emergency Funding Mechanism” allows rapid mobilisation of research funding based on a call for expressions of interest in exceptional and duly substantiated emergencies. On 11 March 2020, the WHO characterised COVID-19 as a pandemic, following alarming levels of infection spread and disease severity. Therefore, the EDCTP Association agreed to activate the emergency funding mechanism to support Research & Innovation Actions (RIAs) as part of the European response to the COVID-19 emergency. EDCTP invited proposals for RIAs to support research activities in sub-Saharan Africa to manage and/or prevent the spread of the current COVID-19 outbreak.




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B.P : 1437 Libreville – Gabon

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